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Sunnyfields Learning Center

Preschool and Childcare Whippany NJ (P) (973) 887-8522(F) (973) 585-4648

Preschool and Childcare Whippany NJ (P) (973) 887-8522(F) (973) 585-4648

Preschool and Childcare Whippany NJ (P) (973) 887-8522(F) (973) 585-4648 Preschool and Childcare Whippany NJ (P) (973) 887-8522(F) (973) 585-4648 Preschool and Childcare Whippany NJ (P) (973) 887-8522(F) (973) 585-4648



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"I  have two girls at Sunnyfields, ages 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. They just finished  their first year there - they're off for the summer, as my husband's a  teacher and he's off too. They'll be back in September!
They love it here - the classes are nice and small, the teachers are very sweet and the girls have learned a ton.  
The  school has fun "extra" activities that add to their happiness :) I  remember over the course of the year things like a fire truck visiting, a  dentist visiting, a picnic day, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc.  - it really is a sweet and fun place and they get a lot of attention. 
And  the learning is legit - both of my gals are great counters, great with  ABC's, know a ton of songs, know the names of all their classmates,  great with colors, etc - all because of the fun work they do at school.   So I am a fan :)  "

​Miss Jenn, Miss Alysse, and staff at Sunnyfields,

Well,  where do I even begin... Over the last two years my children have been  coming to your school. As a parent, one of the most important things in  life are your children.  Knowing I can drop them off at school every  morning without any worries means the world to me.  Knowing I can go to  work with a clear head, not having to worry about napping, snacks,  making new friends, learning, etc. because they are at a facility who  not only acts as a "school" but as a second home to them is a sigh of  relief.  You and your staff may not even realize how much you touch  these children's lives in so many ways.  My kids wake up actually  excited to go to school! Which is amazing!
I feel your school has helped my children tremendously  with their self confidence and self esteem and I have you guys to thank!
Your  level of professionalism, caring, understanding and accommodations to  families is beyond words.  Not only did you welcome my twins, but  whenever I needed a place for my older daughter, she was always welcome.   That meant a lot to us.  You have such kind hearts (all of you) that  it should not go unrecognized.
I truly want to thank you for  everything from the bottom of my heart.  I had such a fantastic  experience with Sunnyfield's, one that we will never forget.  I will be  sure to come back and visit often with all of my children since they  just love you guys."

"My  daughter Madison will be 4-years old in August and has been attending  Sunnyfields since she was about 6-months old. When she first started at  Sunnyfields, it was under different ownership. I thought Sunnyfields  was great then, but then Miss Alysse and Miss Jenn took over the  ownership when my daughter was almost 3, and it became  a wonderful center!  After taking ownership, Miss Alysse and Miss Jenn  gave the center a great "makeover" by painting all of the classrooms,  putting up new decorations, etc., completely brightening up the  atmosphere.  They also keep Sunnyfields so neat and clean..  They both  have brought so many great new fresh and creative ideas to Sunnyfields,  such as having theme-based activities each month, as well as family  activities such as Bingo Night and the Mother's/Father's Day Breakfast  with your child.  I feel like my daughter has learned so much during her  time at Sunnyfields and that she'll have a great headstart when she  begins Kindergarden in a year.  Another great idea that they've brought  to Sunnyfields is the Sunnyfields Facebook page.  If you sign the  waiver, Miss Alysse and Miss Jenn post pictures/videos of the children  during certain activities so you can see what they've been up to during  the day.  I love that because there are times that I feel guilty that I  can't be home with my daughter, but then I get to see how much fun she  is having with her friends and the staff and it makes me feel less  guilty.  All of the staff at Sunnyfields are wonderful and they truly  love the children.  When I drop my daughter off at Sunnyfields, I know  that I don't have to worry about her and that she will be well taken  care of.  Sunnyfields is like a second family to us."

"My  name is Shawn and I’m the father of twin boys (3 ½ years) who go to the  Sunnyfields Learning Center. I understand that you are considering them  and I’d like to put in a few good words for them.
I’m an extremely  busy businessman and my wife works part-time so I would say that we’re  fairly well-off. We researched a lot of the local Day-cares,  Montessoris, etc. but finally decided on Sunnyfields. Our initial  reasons for choosing Sunnyfields was because a friend recommended them  and that they were very close to both my office and our home. I’m glad  now, over a year later, that we made the right choice. If there is One  thing that you should factor in before making a decision; it is ‘People’  that run the place; not the building or webcams or websites or any  other frills and nills; they don’t matter; what truly matters are the  people who you’re children are with for a major part of the day. 
I’ll  reiterate, I’m an extremely busy person, so if I took the time to  articulate my thoughts in an email to you, it is because I strongly  believe that Sunnyfields is good.
Best of luck in making a final  decision. Who knows maybe we’ll bump into each other on our kids’  graduation sometime in the future."

Good morning!  My name is Meryll.  I currently have 2 children
enrolled in Sunnyfields:  a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old.  Both have been
there since they were 4-months-old.  My husband and I are VERY pleased
with the care that our children get at Sunnyfields.  Alysse and Jenn
have put some very good programs and activities into place and our boys
have learned SO much in the past year, it blows my mind!  But most
importantly, our boys love it there and love their teachers. They like
to go to "school" in the morning and always have a smile on their faces
when we pick them up.

My  daughter Tori started at Sunnyfields in the infant room when she was 10  months old.  Prior to that she had been coming to work with me and had  only been left in the care of a family member for one night-so I was  very nervous about leaving her anywhere, let alone at a place I barely  knew.  When I visited Alysse and Jenn were so warm and friendly and made  everything so easy. And on Tori's first day was a nervous wreck. They  made it much better for me though-they sent pictures and let me know how  she was doing.  It took about a week to adjust (for both myself and  Tori) and ever since things have been wonderful and I couldn't be  happier with the care that Tori has been provided.  In both the infant  room and the toddler room where she currently is-the staff has worked  with her on many different things, including making changes when she had  difficulty napping to help her and helping with potty training.  
 All  of the staff at Sunnyfields are such warm, friendly caring people and I  am so thankful that I found them to care for my daughter.